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Someone made a post on the FR forums about dragons with dreadlocks and I made a gentle reminder that they’re part of Black culture and shouldn’t be used by non-black people or characters

Oncoming storm I great you

cries and laughs

*scratches head* You know, I might be sticking my nose where it doesn’t belong, buuut in a fantasy setting as free to interpretation as FR is, I don’t really see the problem here. Dragons don’t correlate to the races and cultures we have on the real world, it doesn’t strike me as appropriative necessarily? 


That is absolutely correct :p Humans in this world are the only thing making FR even remotely racist.

percyberenson asked
Do you think that rapists and murders deserve to be tested on for scientific experiments instead of non-human animals?



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I’d never heard of this guy before, but I’m actually totally into him after this response. What a read!


These are from a wonderful book called The Art Of Comforting. Check it out and learn how to be better at supporting people going through difficult things.









my hero

that is a woman i could follow
that is a woman i could call queen

Will always share the video, it’s really awesome!

She’s tenno.

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Anonymous asked
I don't understand something. Many RPer's rules state that they are open to RP with anyone, but when you try to start with them, they don't reply or even acknowledge your inquiry. Also, some say they are slow to answer, but yet I see them going back and forth with others multiple times a day. I've been waiting for a month or more on some replies (even sent friendly reminders, but no acknowledgement). Can you shed some insight into this? The RP community seems very hard to be accepted into.



Unfortunately, I have quite a lot to say about this.

The roleplay community is not what it was sixteen years ago, when I started, and I’m not saying that in a positive manner.

There are more people in the roleplay community today than there were back then, and I had a nice, small group of people who guided me and showed me the way. 
I feel that there are a lot of people who are young coming into the community with no sense of etiquette or people to tell them that certain things are not kind or are rude to do.

The roleplay community today has a severe lack of communication, which leads to a lot of flaky people who just up and leave with absolutely no explanation, or do not give you the time of day at all to begin with.

This makes me very sad, and leaves a lot of people leaving the community, damaging their self-esteem, and making them feel like they won’t belong to the community at all.

I feel that a lot of people do not understand the weight behind ignoring people. It’s rude. I can 100% understand if you have an emergency in real life and you just need to drop everything and go, but when people see you communicating with others still, yet you’ve been completely shoved off, it’s not right.

In my guide Dropping A Partner/Leaving A Group, I literally give you all the tools you need to say no to someone in a polite way. Anytime I answer a question on here, I’m literally taking the little paragraph I’ve provided and editing it towards the situation at hand. 

There is no excuse for you to blatantly ignore someone (especially when I’ve provided options for people).

I understand while there is a decent amount of people that follow this blog, it’s not every roleplayer. To help spread the word about it, I highly encourage people to reblog the guide I provided on dropping a partner (preferrably without a Read More cut, because I feel people won’t read it if it’s not in their face. That’s why I don’t use them on this blog).

If you claim that you are open to roleplay with anyone, and yet you don’t, don’t say that you’re open to roleplay with anyone. It’s mean and gives false hopes to people that are crushed when you don’t reply to them.
Also, don’t come up with excuses. If you have a legitimate excuse, fine, but if you’re coming up with an excuse every time someone calls you out on ignoring someone then obviously you have some things to look at and sort.

If you don’t want to roleplay with someone, or want to not roleplay with someone anymore, or just want to leave a group, just say something.

I have anxiety disorder myself, and while it can be a little-nerve wracking, I know in the long run there are going to be less problems on both ends having said something than just dropping someone altogether with no basis or explanation. And that eases my mind.

Finding reliable roleplayers these days are few and far between unfortunately. I’ve offered resources on the Resources section of this blog to hopefully get you in touch with some good partners. So, I would check there, too.

Like I said, the roleplay community has an extreme problem with unreliable players and a serious lack of communication. If you can dig through it though, and while they’re a dime a dozen, you can find a really great partner.

Extremely important, and not just for those roleplaying here on tumblr. No matter what your medium of roleplaying is, communication is the most important.

Thank you! PLEASE communicate with one another. There’s literally no reason not to.



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